Thursday, September 25, 2008


What a great morning!!!! I woke up to an email from Angela with Lady Bugs N love. It is a wonderful company that calls your orphanage while you wait and gets updated photos and information on your child. What a blessing and a gift they are!!!! We were able to ask 10 questions and we got 2 updated photos. We had NO recent info on Leah, and our agency won't ask for it until we get RA, which is the official referral acceptance. Lady bugs n love will call when you have PA, pre approval! So, I am going to copy the email I got today with the questions we asked and her answers. It was really hard to think about questions to ask, and I did it in a hurry a little bit so we would hear back as soon as possible, so here they are!!! I will post pictures as soon as we get RA! Hopefully within 2 months.
Just got another email from Angela while I am entering this... I had asked her about the tainted formula and she is going to call the orphanage and let me know if they had any of it! Wow, she is really amazing!!! Neat Neat lady...
Love Dawn

1. Does she crawl on her own?


2. Is she walking, or at least learning too?

Yes, she is learning to walk.

3. What does she eat other than a baby bottle, such as any solid food?

She also eats rice, noodle, various of vegetable and snack, etc.

4. Has she had one nanny take care of her since she has been there that she has bonded to?

She’s been in the orphanage always. Her nanny’s name is Li Man Qin.

5. Can you tell us if she is a light or heavy sleeper?

She sleeps pretty heavy.

6. Does she sleep in her own crib or share?

She sleeps in her own crib.

7. What is her personality like?

She is fairly extroverted, active and restless.

8. Has she been in this same orphanage her whole life?


9. Does she have a favorite lullaby, and if so, what is the name of it?

She loves to listen to music. No certain lullaby.

10. Is she attached to any other children at the orphanage and if so how old are they?

She has a close friend whose name is Hong Yun Ting. She is 14 months old.

11. Her updated measurements:

Height: 74cm; Weight: 9kg; Head: 43.3cm; Chest: 43cm; Foot: 12cm; Teeth: upper 2, lower 2.

12. Two pictures are attached. She is a happy girl!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What we have been up to...

Finale for the Labor Day fireworks... wish I could have captured how truly beautiful they were!

The fireworks were awesome!!!

Wish these turned out better, they seem so far away here!! Not such a good photographer for this!!! :-(

City view from my parents house before the Labor Day fireworks. We will be able to watch them from here! ;-)

Playing in the dirt at Nana and Grandpa's house with her cousins...

Enjoying the water park...

Bekah loves to mow the lawn with Daddy!

One of my favorite pictures!!! They do love each other...

Thank you Mr. Matt for letting me drive!!! ;-)

Someone loves boating and her Bff's Mommy, Miss Melissa!

Bffs have to make sure each other are safe!!
Having lunch at the pier restaurant. Two Peas in a Pod!!!

Loving our friends boat with her BFF!!

Hey everyone!!!
Soooo much has been going on over the past month or so. I have been extremely busy with weddings and we have been keeping busy as a family to try and help the wait time for Leah to go by... I have a horrible feeling we may not be able to get her home before the end of the year, but if God wants her to be home with us by then, she will be. So, I pray that He wants her home with us before Christmas, just like Bekah!!! We are getting so excited, but still sooooo much to do. We are leaving for vacation this Sat. yeah!!! and we are getting our basement finished, so that has consumed me, along with all the painting we are having to do! (needed to cut costs somewhere!) So, needless to say, the summer is flying by and I am ready for fall!

One exciting thing, a family with our agency is traveling right now and had their Gotcha Day yesterday... BUT the cool thing is their daughter is at Leah's orphanage... SO, if they are allowed to visit the orphanage they are going to see if they can "check in" on her for us!!! PLLLLLEASE Lord let them lay eyes on her so they can report great things back to us!

I have lots of photos to add, so here it goes (I should really be painting), they are long overdue.
Love to you all and many blessings!