Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting warmer!!

Hey everyone.  Thought I would post again while I had a minute.  We go to Children's again tomorrow to see how the fluid on Leah's ears is doing.  HOPEFULLY it is all gone and she won't need tubes, but we shall see.  I really worry she cannot hear to her full potential.  We had the test done, and she did pretty good, but the thought there would be room for improvement.  Leah's 2nd birthday is next month.  I can hardly believe it.  It will be fairly low key... she really is the happiest little girl.  Her and Bekah have so much fun.  Leah just follows Bekah  (or mommy) around everywhere.  She does what Bekah does, runs if Bekah runs, laughs at the drop of a hat.  I have got to get her laugh on this blog.  It is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever heard!!!  Below you will find my latest "photo shoot", and the one just below is Bekah trying to be cooperative for the tulip shot.  They were sooo pretty I just wanted to get that perfect shot... ha, maybe next year... she did try though!!!  Maybe too hard!  Thank you for visiting us and enjoy the pics.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow... where did the time go!

Well, it has been since before Easter since I was able to post!!!  Yikes we have been busy.  So, here are some cute Easter pics... they had a blast color eggs and sponging them.  Didn't know you could even do that!!!  HA  Hope everyone is well, and thanks for visiting.  I will have to post again very soon so I can get in more pics and stories of what has been happening!  Blessings!