Friday, January 30, 2009

Almost settled in!!!

Doesn't get much cuter than this does it???!!!!  

Bekah loves having a little sister (most of the time!)

We were trying to get our body clocks reset, so out we went at sunset and bundled everyone up...  I think it might have helped.  But it was cold!

Leah is not used to this cold weather I don't think!!!

We are trying to get settled in here in Cincinnati!  I am VERY sleep deprived and struggling with adjusting Leah.  Even though she is an absolute delight (unless she is having one of her tantrums... ha), we are just struggling with getting her our time here.  I am only getting about 3 hours of sleep a night, and one night it was just one or two, so prayers would be much appreciated!  This Mommy needs patience big time....  Bekah is somewhat jealous, but she does love her little Leah Leah so much!  They are really cute together, for the most part!  Leah is settling into our family just fine.... now if she would only settle into her own bed, we would be even more better off!!  ;-)

Thank for you for calls and emails.  We have kind of been laying very low and I am sleeping any time they are just so I don't fall apart, so I haven't had time to much at all.

But, on a good note, I decided to keep Leah up late instead of trying to put her down at 8 pm and have her wake up from 10 p - 3 am.  I put her down at 10 pm and she slept until 8 am.  She only struggled once or twice, so I will take it!!!!  God had mercy on me last night and I am praising Him for that today.  I think I got 6 -7 hours of sleep throughout that timeframe myself.  Whooo hoooo.  Still SUPER tired, but I think we are getting there.

Here are just a couple of pictures.  Gotta run while little bit is sleeping.  We are off to the doctor today to make sure she is well, and then we are off to Childrens Hospital to get the total work up next week.  Hopefully I can update more next week and I am still having trouble uploading the gotcha video for some reason.  Will get it figured out.  Thank you for checking in and blessings and love to you all!!!  Dawn

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giggling girl video

Here is a video of Leah's laugh (it is sooo cute if I say so myself) while we were in China.  You can tell a certain little one named Bekah is jealous of her Daddy's attention placed elsewhere...  Trying to edit down a gotcha day video.  It will be coming next...  this was a little test.  But, enjoy!!!

We are HOME!!!

We made it home after 25 hours of travel time so we will take it!!!
Leah did not do well for about the first 45 minutes of our 14 hour flight and I thought we were in big trouble (as did everyone else on the plane too I am sure)!  She has quite a temper!!!!  She trashes and throws her head back... it is nothing like Bekah as a baby.  But, she is 19 months old and seems to have a mind of her own that is for sure.  But, we were up for about 12 hours already when that flight started so she was exhausted.  I strapped her to me with the carrier and after about 10 more minutes she was OUT!!!  The problem is that she had to be out ON me, or she wouldn't stay asleep...  so needless to say, it was a LLLLLong 14 hour plane ride.  Plus my ankle was really sore, but it didn't swell too bad at all, thank the Lord!!!

I have to say, having the sprained ankle really helped us through all the of airports.  I asked for wheelchairs because to walk through those airports with a 22 lb baby strapped to me would have been a little too much, so all the staff that wheeled me around got us through all checkpoints and security right away with NO waiting.  God has sent His angels to cover and guide us through the trip.  I was soooo tired on the 14 hour flight (I didn't hardly sleep before we had to leave at 5:45 am the morning before) that I just lost it when my ankle was so sore, I couldn't get comfortable and when Leah was hysterical.  But, I prayed and let go, and I did feel God's grace wash over me and I got to relax.   I didn't really sleep, but we made it.  The first night back, the girls slept from 10 pm until about 11:00 am.  That is when we all got up.  Leah only woke up at 3 am for a short while and fell back to sleep, as did I.  BUT, last night was a different story.  Both girls were up off and on and finally at 1:30 am I bit the bullet and got up with them until 4:30 am.  Finally they fell asleep, but alas I did not until about 6 am.  Thankfully Pete got some sleep and got the girls out of bed at 9 am.  He is sooo wonderful, and I got to sleep until 12.  So, not doing too bad.  
The girls are down for a short nap, and we will hopefully be close to back on schedule in the next day or two...  
Thank you all for following our journey and for all the prayers and support!!!!  I will be trying to figure out how to post our gotcha video in the next day or two, so be sure to check back.   One of my good friends (who we became close with while waiting for Bekah) met us at the Chicago airport during our layover.  What a wonderful treat that was.  Just the pick me up I needed.  Thank you Becki!!!!!  She got some great pics of us and the girls if you would like to jump to her site  I believe my parents also got some pics of how uncomfortable I was on the way home, trying to find a good "resting" spot for my foot.  UGH... I will be sure to post those as well.

Blessings and love to you all.
Love, Dawn, Pete, Bekah and Leah

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We are packed and ready...

to leave tomorrow!!!  Whooo hooooo....
Enjoy the pics, we are off to bed.

My favorite pic of the day of my newest daughter

Be careful what you ask for... Pete had ordered an Egg Roll, well we got one!  Literally an egg rolled up.  I guess you are supposed to call them Spring Rolls here!  HA

All of us at dinner.... HEY wait, where is Chip???  The server took our picture and was so proud, we just couldn't ask him to do it again.  Sorry Chip, he missed you!!!

Monkey see monkey do...

Flying baby, enjoying the flight!

Tickle, tickle tickle Bekah is saying...

She is getting used to the carrier finally!

Well, we are off and running, to bed that is.  I really need to get some sleep so I don't think I will be posting anything "deep" right now.  I guess I will have to do that when I recover at home.  We NEED to get to bed.
But, I am sending you off with some cute pics.  We went to the Consulate today and we are official.  Once Leah hits american soil, she is an American!!!  Whooo hoooo...
We ate at the Japanese restaurant again, it was just too good to pass up.  So, with a wonderful meal in our bellies and hopefully a good rest before 4:45 am tomorrow, we should be all set!!!  Please pray for a safe, uneventful flight.  We would really appreciate it.
God has been SOOOO good to us this whole trip.... he has sustained us, given us his mercies, and we just pray that they continue as strong for the trip home.  
We cannot believe how blessed we are to have this little girl in our lives and now we are a family of 4.  I cannot even explain the joy that fills my heart!  
Many blessings to you all, and thanks for following our journey!!!
Love, Dawn, Pete, Bekah and last but not least... LEAH!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day of spending!!!

We had a great day of shopping and the girls are really starting to get along great.  Too cute!!!
Check in with everyone tomorrow... our last post before home.

And the favorite pic of the day, drool and all!!!!  Check out those stinkin cute dimples!!!

Sisters playing in the bed.

Look at that... happy sisters just before bath time.  Boy does Leah ever LOVE the bath.

Everyone getting ready for the New Year.

Leah with Katie Mei.  Leah doesn't care for sitting in a high chair!!  She would rather Mommy's lap...  that won't last long if I have anything to say about it.

Dinner after shopping all afternoon at Lucy's.  Big girls, Bekah and Merrilee with their own table

What an awesome picture.  So simply stated I think.

Of course Pete had to get pictures of the random weddings taking place.  Or at least their photo sessions.  Too funny.

Just a beautiful photo of the park.  I love how they just hang the lanterns in the trees.

Leah was not a fan of this ride.

There is one little girl that is going to miss this park!

Back to the playground with daddy.  Happy girl!!!

The "gym" in the chinese parks!

We had such a great time shopping today.  We did all our shopping in one afternoon.  Wait until you see all the stuff we got.  Andrea, we got some dresses for the girls for you!  ;-)
Well, it is HARD to believe that we are packing tomorrow night to leave.  Oh my... home sweet home here we come!

I have to say, the girl we brought to the hotel 10 short days ago is COMPLETELY different!  She has SO much fun with  her big sister now and they were kissing each other in the store while we were shopping.  So cute...  their bath tonight was out of control.  Splashing and swimming around.  Leah LOVES the water!  Unlike Bekah, she will want to be in the pool a lot I think.  She has bonded much more with Daddy, thank the Lord, and all is going really well.  We started her on the antibiotic today to make sure she does not have bronchitis or an ear infection when we fly.  

Well, my ankle is hanging in there.  Praise the Lord for that too!  Not looking forward to the flight home and the possible swelling, but after I get done with this post, it is off to ice.  I will save all my "deep" thoughts for tomorrows last post from the amazing country that brought us our family.   These two precious girls that just fill our hearts.  We hope you have enjoyed the pictures and following along with us.  My Mom said this is an experience she will Never forget.  The moment that these kids walk (or are handed to you) for the first time is just a breathtaking moment that God has made so perfect for us.  I don't know that it is really "love at first sight," but boy it sure doesn't take long.  Have a great night everyone, and blessings from a happy family of 4!!!
Love, Pete, Dawn, Bekah and Leah

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another day down...

And only 2 more full days to go... whooo hoooo.  God is soooo good!!!!

Beautiful, happy girl (well most of the time, unless she is hungry... oh my, LOOK OUT!)

Girls playing with Daddy before bedtime

She loves playing on the phone!

But she is NOT happy when one certain sister tries to play with her yet... well sometimes she is ok with it.

Bekah playing with Nana before bed.  

The following pictures are from a park that we went to close to the hotel with great rides for the kids.  Only 25 yuan for everything.  The girls had a blast!!!

She loved spinning around in this big ball too!

They were having a blast!!

Leah absolutely LOVED this ride.  She would claw her way at it when we took her off, so Pete agreed to sit on the ride and go around in circles with her.... what a great daddy!!!!

It didn't take Leah long to get into the groove of enjoying the rides!

Having a great time on the rides... however Leah is not sure what to think!

Just a cute pic...

Baby girl loving tea just like her big sister did!

Bekah getting to pour tea at the tea house.  Avery is on the right, and she is the little southern bell of the group.  I just want to wrap her up and bring her home with us.  Such a cutie.  She is the Flynts daughter.

All the flowers here are just beautiful and SO fragrant.  It is really fun to be here just before the new year.

Leah is always just taking things in.  You can hardly ever get her to look at the camera if you are out and about.  It is soooo cute!!!!

Sweet sisters for now.  ;-)   No matching outfits today.  The clothes I brought for Leah are too big, so I swapped with another family and they gave us some cute smaller clothes.  This is a 6-12 month outfit on Leah.  It is a little small, but not too small.  Remember, she is 19 months old.

Beautiful parks here!

Dancers in the park.  Bekah and Leah were in awe.

They are getting ready for the Chinese New Year and all the decorations are beautiful!!!!  These are just hanging in the trees.

and another day closer to home.  Yippee.
Well, Pete got some great shots while he was out with the girls and then we went to a tea ceremony later and got to try all kinds of teas.  After that, Pete, Bekah, Leah and I went to the awesome park/playground/amusement park.  We had such a great time and Leah was in awe of so many things.  You can just see it in her face.
LOTS of pictures in the past 24 hours, so it is hard to pic the favorites.  And have I mentioned the taxi rides????  UGH
We have another free day tomorrow, so more shopping.  Trying to wrap that up tomorrow because the next day is consulate and then we have to pack to come home.... OH MY, it is getting sooooo close.  I will certainly miss our time simply being a family, but I am so looking forward to being home.  
Lots of love,
Pete, Dawn, Bekah and Leah

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Medical Exam Day

Here are some pictures of our Medical Exam Day...

Princess number 2!!

Princess number 1

Leah finally showing interest in her big sister!!!  YAY

Not loving getting her ears checked, but they said all clear... we shall see.

What is it with kids not liking sitting on a scale???
She weighed in at 21.8 lbs

Waiting with my girls!!!

The typical picture for the Medical Exam

Well today was the infamous medical exam day.  Apparently she is fine.  But, I am thinking she has an ear infection or something similar.  We will have to start her on the antibiotics Wed. for the plane home on Friday.  Please pray that all goes well.  We just found out last night that we have an early flight from Guangzhou to Beijing, so we will need to get the girls out of bed at 6:00 am and our flight out of Beijing to Chicago isn't until 5:20 pm.  So, we will be almost  12 into our day beginning with our 14 hour flight to chicago.  Then we have one last flight from Chicago to Cincy.  Don't even want to think about it right now.... UGH!!!!

So, not too much going on today.  We did get some shopping in, but still much more to do.  We have a tea ceremony tomorrow and that is nice and relaxing.  I am missing one piece of our home study that is apparently most important, so please pray that we will get it faxed to us in time.  After all, today is Martin Luther King day and no one is open I guess....  I am sure God will take care of it!  

Enjoy the pictures.
Only 4 more days!!! Whooooo hoooooooooo
Love, Dawn, Pete, Bekah and Leah